Jay Ziehl , MPA

Chief Administrative Officer

United Methodist Church

Here is my comments about the installation. Installers did a great job on site in collaboration with our Maintenance Supervisor. They were dependable, hard-working, good communicators, and did what they said they would do and when they said they would do it. Our property was of course marked and no damage was done to utilities, trees or grounds. There was no off-color interaction with our staff, and no inconvenience in giving the crane and flatbed truck access or safety incidents caused by noise, materials temporarily left on the grounds or open, unprotected holes. The sign itself is attractive and sturdy looking. The installer came back to train out Maintenance staff to install the vinyls and our staff reported that the structure itself barely moved in the wind. We have nothing negative to say about the experience.


Thanks for your help!




Jay Ziehl , MPA

Chief Administrative Officer

Steve Bumstead
President at PIXELFIRE
Bill has an incredibly deep knowledge of the billboard business with dozens of years of experience in development, valuation and transactions. He is also a fearless entrepeneur. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a qualified individual in these areas.
January 22, 2013, Steve was with another company when working with William 

Rex Beech
President- Beech Media/Beech Outdoor Advertising, Inc
Bill Benham is a consummate professional who's been in outdoor advertising for years and truly knows and understands the industry. He's also an honest guy with integrity.... which sadly seems to be in short supply in all corners of the business world these days. I would recommend Bill to anyone, anytime.
January 22, 2013, Rex was with another company when working with William 


Michael Miksch
Outdoor Investments
Diligent Professional providing funding solutions for Businesses, Real Estate, Green Ventures & Entrepreneurs.
William (Bill) is a dedicated professional with vast knowledge and experience in the outdoor media world. He is an independent thinker, creating "out of the box" solutions for a myriad of projects and opportunities. He is reliable, trust worthy, hard working and can always be counted on to do what he says he is going to do. I would highly recommend using William (Bill) andI would highly recommend using William (Bill) and his talents in regards to anything associated with outdoor billboards, outdoor advertising or outdoor media projects of any kind.
January 22, 2013, Michael was with another company when working with William 


Joseph Spina
President/CEO at Outdoorworks,Inc

William benham has consistnetly led me in the right direction for my independent outdoor company. His knowledge has allowed me to grow and expand our inventory. He correctly convinced me to change direction from focusing on static to digtal billboards.
January 21, 2013, Joseph was William's client


​Shaz Clardy
Marketer at ASEA
William is highly knowlegeable and extremely creative, keeps on the cutting edge of the future in all areas related to Billboards and advertising and mediums. Well worth the money spent to get involved in this highly lucrative avenue of investment....
January 21, 2013, Shaz was William's client
Glennette Phillips Selective Structures
Customer Support Manager, Digital Outdoor

I have worked on several projects with William in the Outdoor Advertising industry. I find Bill very professional and great to work with.
January 21, 2013, Glennette worked directly with William 

Bryan Fox
Freeway Outdoor Advertising Business Development and Management Executive

I have worked with Bill many times over the last 15 years, he has always been exceptionally professional, detail oriented and informative. He is one of the most knowledgeable individuals regarding outdoor advertising that I have had the privilege in dealing with.
June 4, 2012, Bryan was with another company when working with William 

Scott M. Furcolow
Regional VP, Acquisitions
Landmark Dividend
I have worked with Bill for years on various deals and can always count on him to be  professional and client focused. His reputation in the outdoor advertising space is well known both in leasing and building assets as well as sales and operations and he brings a wealth of knowledge to whatever he is working on. His straight honesty in dealings is a major plus when trying to tie together the needs of all parties on any transaction. I would recommend Bill to anyone in a variety of capacities without any hesitation.

Rex Williams Digital Display Consultants, LLC

Over the years I have worked with Bill on a number of projects around the Country and have grown to appreciate and rely on his vast knowledge of the Outdoor Industry.  He is a creative thinker who endlessly strives for the best result on behalf of his clients.    Bill’s skill set is extensive; he is adept at negotiating billboard leases, consultation through the permit process, and expert at matching Investors and Sellers of billboard assets.  He is diligent in his approach and I would recommend him to anyone looking to acquire, sell, develop or permit Outdoor Assets.

Loyd Childree
President at Clear Channel Outdoor
I have had the pleasure of working with William on several projects where he brought professionalism and a can do attitude. His drive and need, to ensure his clients best interests are always at hand, is just who William is. He has a vast knowledge of the outdoor industry as well as a keen sense of business. If you are looking for someone that will bring it to the table every time, I recommend you speak with William
January 21, 2013, Loyd was with another company when working with William 
Henry Esh Owner of Sunshine Outdoor Advertising
I  had the pleasure of working with Bill Benham on the purchase of a few billboards. This was my first venture into the billboard buisness and I must say it was a little out of my comfort zone. The transition went smooth, thanks to Bill . Bill seems to have a lot of knowledge in the billboard industry.  If you are looking for someone that knows the billboard industry and will work for your best interests, I recommend you contact Bill !




























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